Shoot • "Manhood"

Shoot • "Manhood"

The lovely Louisa Zuze got in touch recently to use a few pairs of my shoes for a shoot. Here's how they turned out!
Tbh the set by Brendan Tri on this shoot is so great - I love it!


fashion shoot naarm handmade shoes

fashion shoot naarm handmade shoes

handmade shoes fashion shoot australia

Photographer: LǐYing Tíng @yings.tings

Creative director & Stylist: Louisa Zuze @louisazuze

MUA: Ebony Barrera

Set designer: Brendan Trí @by._Brendan

Model: Ollie Conwell @shmolusk

Top + Bottoms: Jimmy D, KAHE, @error404store__

Corset + Pants: PennyMann

Footwear: Done by Matea @donebymatea

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