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Made to Order

Each pair of Done by Matea shoes starts their journey when you place your order. Once the right leather is selected, every component is then carefully crafted by hand, using traditional construction methods until your new pair of shoes is complete.

Follow the journey from when you place your order, to finishing.


* * *


Once you've placed your order, the correct last and size will be selected just for you. Materials will also be selected at this point. All Done by Matea materials are selected with their aesthetics, wearability and sustainability in mind. Leathers are either sustainable biodegradable vegetable tanned leathers, or high quality dead-stock (excess leather deemed as waste by larger companies). See the sustainability page for more insight into the materials used.

The pattern pieces will then be carefully individually cut by hand from the appropriate leathers and materials using shears, and any edges that require folding will be thinned out by hand using a skiving knife. No pre-made components are used in the construction of Done by Matea footwear - everything is made from scratch, so it's sure to be just right for you.


shoe lasts handmade shoes adelaide australia melbourne 

They are now ready to be sewn and assembled. Uppers and linings are carefully positioned and then sewn together on a specialised leather post sewing machine, this process is known as "closing". With some styles there may be details that are done by hand, using thick leather needles and waxed thread. Then, any extra details such as eyelets or rivets are added by hand using punches and mallets.

At this point veg tan leather insoles will also be cut to size, and embossed with the Done by Matea logo, using a manual press or branding iron.


handmade shoes australia logo stamp 

The uppers and linings are then lasted by hand using traditional lasting pincers, tacks and adhesive. Lasting is the process of pulling the leather across the last, to achieve the moulded shoe shape. This can be a very time consuming part of the process, with veg tan leathers requiring additional wetting and drying time to mould perfectly to the last form.


lasting handmade shoes adelaide australia melbourne 

Soling is then cut to size and attached with adhesive, and in some cases solid brass tacks. Some styles like boots are Blake stitched - binding the insole to the sole with strong thread, using a specialised Blake stitching sewing machine. 

 handmade shoes shoemaker adelaide australia


Finally, all the edges are finished carefully by hand. The treatment will vary on the aesthetic outcome desired, with some edges being dyed, polished, waxed, painted or all of the above.


shoemaking finishing shoemaker adelaide australia

They are then given a final check over, treated with the Done by Matea handmade conditioner and  packaged in custom printed and sewn organic cotton dust bags, ready for you to take home and wear! 

 * * *

Traditional construction methods create character and will result in slight variations between end products.