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Intangible Emotion Cube

three handmade wooden cubes on a white background with rocks

Made to Order // Up to 3 business days making time

A sentimental gift for any loved one.

This object embodies the sentiment - that what is most important, is invisible to the eye. When you love someone, you love them, the intangible them-ness that resides within their body yet is heard through their voice and their presence; always felt and always just out of reach.

At first glance, it is just a wooden cube. But when picked up, a gentle tinkling bell sound can be heard, and movement can be felt within, this is the intangible presence. As the cube is moved around, it keeps gently tinkling; however no matter how hard it is shaken, the tinkling will never turn to a strong rattle - it will always be out of reach.

Choose from solid Australian Jarrah or Spotted Gum. Featuring little glimmers of solid brass screws and a secret internal structure.

Comes with a product description note as pictured. Inspired by feelings and The Little Prince.


Designed and Handmade in Adelaide, Australia.
• FSC Certified sustainably managed native timbers
• 4x4x4cm
• Not a children's toy

International shipping is available.
Packaging is eco-friendly; everything is recyclable or biodegradable. 
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three handmade wooden cubes on a white background with rocks