Done by Matea is Matea Gluscevic, an Artisan Shoemaker based in Melbourne, Australia - creating unique handcrafted shoes for unique people.

Each pair of Done by Matea shoes embodies quality craftsmanship, a mindful approach to sustainability, and unique aesthetics.

your dream shoes, come to life!

✨Custom Made Shoes✨

Finding that perfect pair of shoes can seem impossible sometimes…

Not here! Browse the Done by Matea range to find your perfect pair, or better yet get a quote for a custom pair and make your shoe dreams come true!

better for you and the planet!

Why Made-to-Order?

Every pair of Done by Matea shoes is handcrafted, from scratch when you place your order. This process usually takes about 3 weeks.

Made-to-Order greatly reduces waste of materials, there's never any surplus stock and nothing goes to waste - this is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly form of making.

Handcrafting your shoes from scratch also means I use traditional making methods, avoiding many pre-made plastic components. Less plastic = Win!

Plus the shoes you've ordered will be made especially for you.


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