Done by Matea is devoted to individual self expression, high quality artisanal craftsmanship, and unique design aesthetics.

Each pair is ethically hand crafted by Matea Gluscevic, a shoemaker and designer based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. Matea is dedicated to sustainable making practices and employs a mindful approach to sustainability in her work.

The Done by Matea range includes Made-to-Order shoes and a completely Custom Made service.

All made-to-order styles are available in a gender neutral unisex size range of EU35-45.

Hi! I'm Matea Gluscevic (Mah-tay-ah Gloo-sh-ch-eh-vich).

I make your shoes!

I believe that finding a way to express our true selves outwardly is one of the most important things in leading a happy life. There are many ways we can express ourselves, and how we choose to adorn our body is one of the most tangible forms of self expression.

I became a shoemaker because it is a realm where aesthetics, functionality, creativity, problem solving and self expression all come together. Shoes are beautiful standalone aesthetic objects, as well as functional parts of our daily lives.

Rather than start a fashion label, or get items made overseas, as many brands do, I wanted to make every pair of shoes myself, and know that I am personally contributing to your journey of self expression - the moment when you finally get to put them on and bring them to life is what I live for!

By making everything myself, I can also ensure that my work is completely sustainable and ethical. Plus, my background in Visual Art, Sculpture, Product Design, Dental Tech, Fashion and Styling - has provided me with a diverse skills background and endless inspiration. I love experimenting with materials and developing new processes to create one-off bespoke footwear that doesn't exist anywhere else.

I like to think that Done by Matea shoes are for those of us who value authenticity within ourselves, what we wear, and the world that surrounds us. The one of a kind textures and silhouettes you’ll find here are not only created with authenticity, but also provide a glimpse into the rich world within you, the wearer.

Matea comes from a Croatian background and currently lives in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. She has completed a Certificate IV in Custom Made Footwear and was awarded a Guildhouse Catapult Mentorship with Experienced Australian Shoemaker Eugenia Neave. Matea has also had work featured in Australian Fashion Week 2022 and Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022.