Hi! I'm Matea Gluscevic
(Mah-tay-ah Gloo-sh-ch-eh-vich)
an artisan shoemaker and designer based in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia.

I became a shoemaker because it is a realm where aesthetics, functionality, creativity, problem solving and self expression all come together. Shoes are beautiful standalone aesthetic objects, as well as functional parts of our daily lives.

Through the years I have attempted to express myself and my creativity through an array of various mediums; sculpture, jewellery, dressmaking, product design, styling, production design, dental technology, dance, event management, and even bodybuilding. Despite not being quite the right fit, these have all informed and developed my creative aesthetic.

Aside from the range of courses and careers above, I gained my qualifications and experience through studying Custom Made Footwear at TAFESA for 18 months in 2010, self taught thorugh the following ten years, and more recently a Guildhouse Catapult Mentorship with experienced Adelaide Shoemaker - Eugenia Neave in 2021.

This journey has cemented my belief that self expression is vital in order to fully embody who you are and thus lead a happy life. There are many ways we can express ourselves - how we choose to adorn our body is one of the most tangible forms of self expression -  and that’s where I become a part of your journey of self expression.

Rather than start a fashion label, or get items made overseas, I wanted to make every pair of shoes myself, and know that I am personally contributing to that journey - the moment when you finally get to put them on and bring them to life is what I live for! I love experimenting with materials and developing new processes to create one-off bespoke footwear that doesn't exist anywhere else.

I like to think that Done by Matea shoes are for those of us who value authenticity within ourselves, what we wear, and the world that surrounds us. The one of a kind textures and silhouettes you’ll find here are not only created with authenticity, but also provide a glimpse into the rich world within you, the wearer. By individually hand crafting every pair of shoes myself I can also ensure that my work is ethical, and created with a mindful approach to sustainability.

Matea comes from a Croatian background and currently lives in Naarm / Melbourne, Australia. She has completed a Certificate IV in Custom Made Footwear and was awarded a Guildhouse Catapult Mentorship with Experienced Australian Shoemaker Eugenia Neave. Matea has also had work featured in Australian Fashion Week 2022 and Melbourne Fashion Festival 2022. Done by Matea is a member of the Australian Fashion Council.


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