Done by Matea is Matea Gluscevic - a designer/maker who handcrafts footwear, jewellery and objects. Playful, practical, and sentimental, her organic waves, forms, and structures are informed by the materials themselves, creating a unique aesthetic statement. Each Done by Matea piece is one-of-a-kind; hand made, wearable work of art.

Matea is a qualified shoemaker, having studied Custom Made Footwear, Visual Art (Specialising in Sculpture and Installation), Industrial Design and Dental Technology.

The label is ethical, slow, and sustainable, focusing on handmade footwear and accessories. All items are designed and handmade by Matea Gluscevic, in her studio at The Mill, Kaurna Land (Adelaide), South Australia.
Regardless of what she is creating, Matea is often inspired by natural forms, figures and patterns and by materials and processes from a range of different industries.

Her interests and motivations are centered around the exploration of materiality and connectedness to emotion and nature. Many things Matea makes tend to have a playful aspect to them, whilst still maintaining their practical qualities.

Matea is drawn to leather is for its natural tactile appeal; it is skin - and a subconscious signifier of touch and intimacy and connectedness to emotion.

She is also drawn to it for its materiality - it can be sewn like fabric and machined like wood, it can be soft yet strong. However Matea does have strong ethical views, and attempts to juggle these with her appeal for leather’s materiality. For this reason all materials used in Done by Matea are thoughtfully sourced, read more about this in the FAQ.
Past Work
Formerly, Matea was the owner and curator of Phase Space; a retail art space in Adelaide that unified traditional and experimental aesthetics, a directing member of the Format Collective, and a partner in a Renew Adelaide retail space, Trans-Form. Matea has also worked as a stylist and art director for a number of editorials featured in publications such as i-D online, as well as music videos, short films, and Fringe shows. Occasionally she also works as an event curator and promoter of local club night; Wildstyle.

Additionally Matea has worked as an artist; with works featured in solo and group exhibitions in shows at Feltspace, Format, ACE Open, SALA Festival, Z Ward and Cloister Workrooms. Matea has also had work under a variety of prior brand names featured in publications such as, CityMag, The Advertiser, Spynews Magazine, The Adelaide Magazine, Behind the News on ABC, FAINT magazine.