your dream shoes come to life!

Custom Handmade Footwear

There's nothing more I love, than creating shoes that put a HUGE smile on your face, shoes that you'll be passing down to generations or wearing till you're 100. Pretty much any shoe you can think of, I can probably make! I'll be bringing that thought to life, and working directly with you every step of the way.

A perfectly fitted shoe, that's super comfy to wear, that looks GREAT?

You got it - I'll be taking your measurements (or sending you detailed instructions, or even a Zoom meeting if you can't come in to the studio) and creating a pair of shoes perfectly fitted to your feet. My custom sizing ranges from 25-49EU - odd sizing pairs are possible too! You'll also need to have some reference images or drawings or even just words - ready to share with me so we can shape it into a shoe.

This is a very very time consuming process, with many stages so it does come at a cost (from $600 for sandals, from $800 for shoes - payment plans available). However, they will be super unique and special - no two Done by Matea pairs of shoes are ever the same! Fun fact: Getting your shoes custom made means less wastage and a better outcome for the environment.

About me? I'm an experienced shoemaker with an appreciation for unique aesthetics and high quality traditional craftsmanship. I have created custom shoes for customers nationally and internationally, from Italy to the USA. Want to know more? Read here.

Please note, during busy periods there is a waiting list for custom orders.

See some of the custom shoes I've made below or head to instagram.

Steven, SA

"The product itself is amazing! Exactly what I wanted (which was a little odd). The process was perfect! The care and thought that went into my wants and needs is what made the outcome what it was. No detail was insignificant and requests for things Matea hadn’t done were met with honesty and excitement. Couldn’t be happier."