All shoes are made by hand by me, Matea, on a Made to Order basis. This means they only start getting made when you place your order. The materials I use are selected with consideration of their aesthetic, sustainable as well as hardwearing properties, so your shoes will be able to last a lifetime.

Nearly all the materials used in Done by Matea shoes are either recycled, recyclable, salvaged, natural fibre or a combination. I recycle studio waste where possible.

I make all the shoes myself, completely by hand, in Adelaide, SA. There are no sweatshops or factories involved in the construction of any items. Additionally, I source all my materials from Australian businesses.

All materials are used with consideration of their environmental impact and are always sourced from Australian suppliers.

Vegetable Tanned Kangaroo Leather is light and strong, and is used as often as possible for uppers and linings. It is the most ethical and sustainable leather available. 

Vegetable Tanned Bovine Leather is thick and hardwearing, and often used for insoles, soles small heels and some uppers. Vegetable tanning has less impact on the environment as it uses less harsh chemicals, and produces biodegradable leather.

High Quality Salvaged Surplus Leather is often used for uppers and linings. This is leather that has been salvaged from larger businesses waste.


All fabrics and fillings used are either natural fibre or recycled. Fabrics used: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, Organic Cotton, Eco Recycled Plastic Bottle Fabric. Fillings used: Eucalyptus Fibre, Cotton Wadding.


Depending on the type of shoe, the soling will be made from timber, natural cork, vegetable tanned leather, rubber or EVA.

All timbers are native Australian grown and FSC Certified. Natural cork is biodegradable, recyclable and sustainably grown. Rubber is used in small quantities for soling applications and when available, I use a 20% recycled content Australian made rubber. EVA foam soles are sometimes used in place of leather to minimise the use of bovine leather and to offer a more comfortable fit. EVA is easy to replace, so you shoes can be resoled as much as needed.


Decorative features may occasionally be made from bio-resin or acrylic. Bio-resin contains 20-50% bio content - renewable biological resources such as organic vegetable waste. When acrylic is used it is only used in small quantities and only made based on demand. Vegan options often use plastic based fabrics instead of leather. 


Done by Matea leather conditioner is carefully blended by hand, by Matea, in South Australia. Using sustainable Australian sourced ingredients: South Australian beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Lanolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Kangaroo Island Lemon Myrtle Oil and Australian Tea Tree Oil.



All Done by Matea packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or natural fibre.• boxes are recyclable
• cloth bags are 100% Organic Cotton
• tissue paper,  mailer bags, paper stickers and packaging tape are all biodegradable and compostable